Planting and growing together to create community woodlands for our children’s future​

About us

Harborough Woodland is rapidly growing into a large community volunteer, not for profit group promoting and enabling the responsible expansion of wooded areas, trees or hedges around Market Harborough and District from Northamptonshire to Rutland.

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How we can help

We want to help busy landowners to more easily benefit from the complex multitude of professional specialist and financial support available for woodland planting and then assist with our large network of community volunteers.

By helping our friends of friends network to find interested landowners with opportunities to benefit the landowner, environment and where appropriate reduce the risk of flooding by promoting natural flood management best practice.

Volunteer Opportunities​

  1. Tree champion for your street or village.
  2. Help run a local urban or rural team.
  3. Education, presentations and training.
  4. Tree surveys and identifying gaps and disease.
  5. Woodland design, magic map and apps specialist.
  6. Help plan and organise projects and site events.
  7. HR, safeguarding and volunteer safety team.
  8. Plant trees and be part of their ongoing care.
  9. Funding research, case study & leaflet production.
  10. Outreach team-building community support and sharing knowledge and best practice.

Please see more information on the volunteer page


Friends of friends

Our volunteers are working with your community ECOCHURCH and ECOSCHOOL groups as well as small and large landowners. We are helping the specialists at Harborough District Council and Leicestershire County Council, Welland Rivers Trust, Forestry Commission and Environment Agency with the natural flood management schemes. We are working with the Tree Council’s Tree warden scheme and the Woodland Trust Tree Charter scheme. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to these groups and individuals who are providing their support, advice and guidance and especially our heroes at slowtheflow.net and numerous other community groups who have shared their experience with us.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The next best time is now.

Thanks to Lottery funding in Feb 2022

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